When non-profit organisation Design Friends was created back in 2009, its goal was clear: becoming a vital platform for anything related to design in Luxembourg.

The originality of its identity lies in its universal nature: Design Friends doesn’t only speak to professionals; it creates a conversation with all design lovers. In this process, playfulness, creativity and a constant will to innovate have been weapons of choice.

In all these years, Design Friends has been proud to have thrown countless initiatives, from conferences lead by worldwide-known designers to exhibitions, from screening nights and portfolio shows to collaborative and educative projects. Through the organisation of high-profile events, Design Friends eventually became a true reference.

With more than 40 monographs of guest designers’ œuvre, all DEE magazines and several exhibition catalogues, Design Friends has a thorough collection of published works to shed light on.

As a vibrant graphic design culture has been flourishing in Luxembourg for many decades now, Design Friends also engages to reflect upon this practice.

Through field-research and the publication of articles, the aim is to unearth exchanges and connections, and to ultimately document the country’s graphic design history.  

As of today, the organisation is mainly financed by private funds, thanks to memberships and sponsoring from private companies. Design Friends also has several long-term partnerships with cultural institutions and benefits from occasional public funding. To further develop its expertise and ensure a permanent status, the non-profit making organisation Design Friends largely depends on donations and partnerships.

So if you love design ...

... become a member!

Design Friends is really hoping to bring together a maximum of 'design addicts', so please do not hesitate to relay this message to your friends and/or colleagues who might share this interest.

Feel free to contact us in the event of any question or if you have suggestions.

Design Friends Board members

President: Nadine Clemens
Vice-President: Mike Koedinger
Secretary: Anabel Witry
Treasurer: Guido Kröger

Counsellors: Heike Fries, Silvano Vidale

Design Friends asbl was established in 2009.
Board History:
Nadine Clemens (Founding member; Secretary 2009-2012; Vice-president 2012-2013; President since 2013)
Serge Ecker (Board Member 2010-2011)
Heike Fries (Treasurer 2010-2013; Counsellor since 2013)
Charline Guille-Burger (Office manager since 2016)
Mike Koedinger (Founding member; Treasurer 2009-2010, Board Member 2010-2013, Vice-president since 2013)
Guido Kröger (Board Member 2010-2013; Treasurer since 2013)
Pit Kuffer (Board Member 2010-2012)
Arnaud Mouriamé (Founding member; Vice-president 2009-2012)
Mik Muhlen (Counsellor 2013-2014)
Stéphanie Rollin (Board Member 2010-2013; Counsellor 2013-2014)
Silvano Vidale (Design Friends Founder and President 2009-2013; Counsellor since 2013)
Anabel Witry (Board Member 2010-2012; Secretary since 2012)