33 Words About Design

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33 Words About Design

33 Words About Design

33 Russian designers question the approach to design in Russia.

Many people believe there is no specific Russian approach to design. But what if they underestimate the influence of culture, history and surrounding reality on the style and aesthetic guidelines of those who shape our visual environment?

33 modern Russian designers were brought together for this film-almanac, among them some of the best-known names of Russian design. They all speak and think in Russian and are inevitably inspired by what has come into their everyday lives – from books to rituals, holidays, economics, history, collective memory and fashion.

With the help of these 33 guides, this almanac will try to outline the features and boundaries of national perceptions of beauty and see what ethical and aesthetic values ​​they give to the world.

97min / Russian OV with English subt.


Natalya Klimchuk, born in 1980, graduated from the Philosophy Department of St. Petersburg State University. She is the creator and the head of the illustrative department of Art. Lebedev Studio. In 2008 she co-founded the Bang! Bang! illustrative agency and in 2017, she established the online design school Bang Bang Education which produced 33 Words About Design (2020). She also organises forums for discussions with designers and members of the industry for “Point of View”. Since 2019, Natalya Klimchuk has co-directed two documentaries, 100 Years of Design (2019) and 33 Words About Design (2020).

Olga Morozova was born in 1981 in the Ural Mountains in Russia where she received a formal education in law. She practiced classical ballet while dreaming of filmmaking. At age 18, she moved to Moscow to enter the VGIK Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, but her path turned towards Lebedev Studio, a multidisciplinary design company. In 2008, she collaborated with fellow designer Natalya Klimchuk, starting the illustrative agency Bang! Bang! and then the online design school Bang Bang Education. With Natalya Klimchuk, she he co-directed the films 100 Years of Design (2019) and 33 Words About Design (2020).


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