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The Future of Living

product design (lecture)
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Phoenix Design

The World is changing, but some things will never change. Shelter, food, water, warmth, safety, rest and light.

This fundamental continue to define people’s lives. Civilization has come a long way but there is still so much that can be better for so many people all over the world. In context of massive urbanization, scarcity of resources and upcoming technological standards our needs of living and wellbeing are consistently evolving. As designer we are responsible for re-inventing the world we live in.

At Phoenix Design we believe that we can serve humanity best by focusing on those substantial things, that will always count: to find the way to manage challenges in daily life in clever, smart and meaningful way.

About the speaker: Andreas Diefenbach, Dipl.-Designer, Design Business Manager and member of the board of management of Phoenix Design Stuttgart/Munich/Shanghai.



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