Isabelle Chapuis

Isabelle Chapuis

Le langage des émotions

photography design (lecture)
Mudam Luxembourg


Anja Lutz

Anja Lutz

in conversation with Prof. Ilka Helmig

book design (event)
to be confirmed
Release of the sixth issue of DEE Magazine! Featuring a major contribution on Luxembourg’s graphic design history and Design Friends’ new season of events. The magazine has been designed by 101 Studios and it is wrapped in a beautiful cover illustration by Pe’l Schlechter. Available at all Design Friends events.
Lea Brousse & Raban RuddigkeitLea Brousse & Raban Ruddigkeit

Lea Brousse & Raban Ruddigkeit

Brousse & Ruddigkeit is a French-German design studio founded 2015 in Berlin. Lea Brousse and Raban Ruddigkeit work as conceptors, graphic designers, and illustrators.
Publication date May 2018
Price 5.00 €


The General Assembly approved the composition of the board of Design Friends as follows: Nadine Clemens (President), Mike Koedinger (Vice-President), Anabel Witry (Secretary) Guido Kröger (Treasurer). Design Friends counsellors: Silvano Vidale, Heike Fries.