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Sven Ehmann

Sven Ehmann

Information Design

In today’s complex and rapidly changing times, with infinite amounts of information available everywhere and at anytime, the processing, editing, condensing and translation of data into understandable bite size pieces of information has ­become an essential skill. Artists, scientists and designers are at the forefront of exploring new forms of visualizing information and data-based storytelling. Sven Ehmann, creative director of the design book publisher Gestalten and editor of their book Data Flow:

Visualising Information in Graphic Design, gives an overview on recent developments, approaches and attitudes visual artists are embracing as well as the diverse range of applications by way of examples from cultural projects to business practices and beyond.

All our talks are for free (whether you are a member or not), held in english, at the auditorium of the MUDAM (the "Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean") in Luxembourg.

Tuesday 09.03.2010 — 18:30 — Ex-CarréRotondes
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