We are a Luxembourg-based cultural organisation promoting the work of designers.

Design Friends asbl is a non-profit association which was founded in 2009. We mainly focus on producing talks with international designers and on publishing the monographic catalogues on those occasions.

FLTR: Heike Fries — Dana Popescu — Guido Kröger — Reza Kianpour — Anabel Witry — Silvano Vidale — Claudia Eustergerling — Hyder Razvi  

Since our inception in April 2009, we have produced more than 70 design talks, and for each of them, we published a monographic catalogue:

CHRISTOPH NIEMANN  Illustration Design, MICHEL MALLARD Creative Direction, FUN FACTORY Product Design, ANDREAS UEBELE Signage Design, HARRI PECCINOTTI Photography, KUSTAA SAKSI Illustration Design, 5.5 DESIGNERS Product Design, NIKLAUS TROXLER Graphic Design, JOACHIM SAUTER Media Design, MICHAEL JOHNSON Graphic Design, ELVIS POMPILIO Fashion Design, STEFAN DIEZ Industrial Design, CHRISTIAN SCHNEIDER Sound Design, MARIO LOMBARDO Editorial Design, SAM HECHT Industrial Design, SONJA STUMMERER & MARTIN HABLESREITER Food Design, LERNERT & SANDER Art & Design, MURAT GÜNAK Automotive Design, NICOLAS BOURQUIN Editorial Design, SISSEL TOLAAS Scent Design, CHRISTOPHE PILLET Product Design, MIRKO BORSCHE Editorial Design, PAUL PRIESTMAN Transportation Design, BRUCE DUCKWORTH Packaging Design, ERIK SPIEKERMANN Graphic Design, KLAUS-PETER SIEMSSEN Light Design, EDUARDO AIRES Corporate Design, PHILIPPE APELOIG Graphic Design, ALEXANDRA MURRAY-LESLIE High Techne Fashion Design, PLEIX Video & Installation Design, LA FILLE D’O Fashion Design, RUEDI BAUR Graphic Design, ROMAIN URHAUSEN Product Design, MR BINGO Illustration Design, KIKI VAN EIJK Product Design, JEAN-PAUL LESPAGNARD Fashion Design, PE'L SCHLECHTER Graphic Design, TIM JOHN & MARTIN SCHMITZ Scenography Design, BROSMIND Illustration Design, ARMANDO MILANI Graphic Design, LAURA STRAßER Product Design, PHOENIX DESIGN Industrial Design, UWE R. BRÜCKNER Scenography Design, BROUSSE & RUDDIGKEIT Design Code, ISABELLE CHAPUIS Photography Design, PATRICIA URQUIOLA  Product Design,  SARAH-GRACE MANKARIOUS Art Direction,  STUDIO FEIXEN Visual Concepts, FRANK RAUSCH Interface Design, DENNIS LÜCK Designing Creativity, IAN ANDERSON Graphic Design, FOLCH STUDIO Strategic Narrative Design, MARC TAMSCHICK Spatial Media Design, TYPEJOCKEYS Type Design, MOTH Animation Design, JONAS LINDSTRÖM Photography, VERONICA FUERTE Graphic Design, CHRISTOPHE DE LA FONTAINE Product Design, DAVID KAMP Sound Design, THOMAS KURPPA Brand Design, NEW TENDENCY Product Design, MARTHA VON MAYDELL Illustration Design, STUDIO KLARENBEEK & DROS Design Research, JOUPIN GHAMSARI Photography Design, LOTTERMANN AND FUENTES 
Photography Design, SUPER TERRAIN Graphic Design, EIKE KÖNIG Art Design, CHRISTOPHER NOELLE Light Design, DENNIS HINZE Sport Fashion Design, KLASIEN VAN DE ZANDSCHULP Interactive Design, VALENTIN VODEV Industrial Design, GERMAN ERMICS Sculptural Design, MADE BY JAMES Type & Logo Design.

Once a year, within the framework of the Luxembourg City Film Festival, we collaborate on a screening night. Throughout the years, we have also organised film screenings and portfolio shows, we’ve launched educational projects and partnered up in five significant exhibitions.

All our talks are for free (whether you are a member or not), held in english, at the auditorium of the MUDAM (the "Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean") in Luxembourg.

The General Assembly 2022 approved the composition of the board of Design Friends as follows: Anabel Witry (President), Heike Fries (Secretary), Guido Kröger (Treasurer) — Claudia Eustergerling, Reza Kianpour, Dana Popescu, Hyder Razvi as Board members — Silvano Vidale and Charline Guille-Burger as Counsellors.

Design Friends is really hoping to bring together a maximum of 'design addicts', so please feel free to contact us in the event of any question or if you have suggestions: office@designfriends.lu

Design Friends asbl (association sans but lucratif)
Registered office & postal adress: 32 Rue du Pont, L-6471 Echternach
Tax number: 2009 6100 648
Bank account: LU91 0019 5855 4081 6000, BCEELULL

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