Sustainable lighting solutions for both interior and exterior applications.

Klaus-Peter Siemssen

Klaus-Peter Siemssen

Light Design

Klaus-Peter Siemssen is the CEO of Selux, a leading provider of sustainable lighting solutions for both interior and exterior applications. Siemssen and his team of lighting designers create solutions for exterior lighting projects for many cities (Marseille, Madrid, London… ), buildings and historical monuments around the world. They also plan and develop light design for office interiors and public buildings, and provide overall lighting designs for exhibitions. Their sophisticated lighting concepts may enhance the quality of urban and interior life by means of efficiency, ergonomics and elaborate product design.

Photos © Jochen Stueber / Achim Hatzius / Brigida Gonzales / Roland Halbe / Jörg Schöner / Erik Bohr / Xavier Boymond / Markus Bollen / Frank Vetter / Ulrike Brandi Licht / Harley Davidson

All our talks are for free (whether you are a member or not), held in english, at the auditorium of the MUDAM (the "Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean") in Luxembourg.

Wednesday 26.11.2014 — 18:30 — Mudam, Luxembourg
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