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Made by James

James Martin, AKA Made By James, is the Nonconformulator of logo design and his rebellious creativity has allowed him to thrive in one of the most competitive markets on the planet.

Dear Design Friends,

unfortunately the Mudam will be closed today due to the weather conditions.

This means that the lecture with MADE BY JAMES (who arrived safely in luxembourg yesterday) will be streamed on YouTube only!

See ya online at 18:30!

Made by James

Type & Logo Design

James Martin, AKA Made By James, has grown an engaged audience of hundreds of thousands online, he is a best selling author, public speaker, creative coach, honest educator and all round good human in the design world.

James focuses on building brand identity systems that pack a punch and he is not scared to push the boundaries. His work is full of personality which has allowed him to catch the eye of some of the coolest brands on the planet like TED, Gymshark and The Chainsmokers. He founded his design agency, Baby Giant Design Co, back in 2012 in his garage with little more than a dream to survive.  Now, over a decade later, his design agency is a thriving hub of creativity that focuses on building brands that want to create colossal conversations through web, motion and brand clarity.

James’ mission is simple, he wants to bring a positive impact through the work he creates and empower other creative people to do the same. He is an honest voice for the new generation of up and coming designers, so when he is not hard at work building badass brands, he is travelling the world and sharing his own unique story.

Wednesday 17.01.2024 — 18:30 — Live Stream via YouTube

Will be uploaded soon.
Will be uploaded right after the event

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