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Romain Urhausen

Romain Urhausen

Product Design

Within the framework of the photographic exhibition Romain Urhausen – Fotograf organised by the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA) from June to October 2016, Design Friends has invited the photographer, designer and architect Romain Urhausen (*1930) for a discussion on the subject of his design works from the 1960s and 1970s in the (inter)national context in which he was involved; we will also talk about his influences and his original idea from the 1980s on the creation of a design museum in Luxembourg.

The discussion between Romain Urhausen and Christian Mosar will take place on Thursday 30 June 2016 at 7.30 p.m. at the Centre national de l’audiovisuel (CNA, CinéStarlight) in Dudelange.

Beforehand, at 6.30 p.m., a guided tour of the photographic exhibition will be offered, and thus a meeting with Romain Urhausen, multidisciplinary artist having experimented with numerous artistic genres and styles over his entire career. With a passion, among other things, for design, he has created innovative, unusual, remarkable items of furniture.

Lecture will be held in luxembourgish.
Free entrance.

All our talks are for free (whether you are a member or not), held in English, at the auditorium of the MUDAM (the "Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean") in Luxembourg.

Thursday 30.06.2016 — 18:30 — CNA
Will be uploaded soon.
Photos © CNA - Romain Girtgen
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